Just as beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Innovation can come from anywhere.

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From the onset we are challenging the status quo. Based in Brooking South Dakota, Query AI is working to prove that innovation and talent does not follow the fabled isolationist tale requiring silicon valley roots. In fact we embrace that talent and innovation can sprout and grow anywhere. We're excited to be working with many great minds to make distributed teams the norm and elevate the Silicon Prairie to its rightful place among the tech hub elite.


Our founding team has decades of experience as both security practitioners and as developers of security solutions. This empowers us with a foundational knowledge of both the problems faced by security professionals and also the traditional methods applied to solve them. We're excited to be driving the much needed revolution that finally delivers on the promise to make security more intuitive and accessible to all.

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2301 Research Park Way, Suite 252,

Brookings, SD 57006

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