A new beginning:

Query.AI was founded by engineers who have spent years developing leading log and security analytics technologies. They start working with engineers from AI, NLP and behavior analytics background.

Query.AI IRIS Platform


Query.AI has been envisioned and built by engineers who have spent several years developing leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) products. Our expertise also includes developing enterprise correlation, collaboration, and assistive-AI solutions.

We spent time interviewing and observing cybersecurity analysts and their management to understand the challenges they face in getting the information they need. We also talked to business users of IT data. Common themes emerged that enterprise users can be more productive and successful if they have quick and easy access to answers and insights needed to do their jobs.

We want you to really "talk" to your data platform, beyond just using traditional consoles to interact with your data. Our AI Console interface for IRIS (Query.AI's assistive-AI platform) is the evolution we believe traditional enterprise interfaces need, to make investigation and analysis of cybersecurity logs effective.


IRIS is like a mini Alexa + Watson + Tableau + Slack combined in a workbench (see blog here)


With IRIS, we want to reduce the gap between what users need from the data, and the effort they have to go through to access and act on that data.

If you have further thoughts on above, you can reach the founding engineering team directly at founders@query.ai and we would surely love the interaction!



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