Source: Feb 2023 Hacker News 

Projected Cost of Cyber Crime in 2023: $8 Trillion 🤯
Average Cost of Breach in 2022: $4.35 Million 😖
Average Time to Full Containment: 277 Days 😴
Increase in Volume of Attacks: 38% YoY in 2022 after a 50% spike YoY in 2021  😵‍💫

Unfilled Cybersecurity Positions in 2023: 3.4 Million 🥺
Average Number of Tools: 76 😦
Rate of Growth of Organizational Data: 25% 🫣

Average Projected Budget Increase for Security in 2023? …11% 🤢

Cyber crime is multiplying at a dramatically faster rate than the budget. Do More with Less is an understatement. 

Keys to Improving Cyber Defense in 2023?

  1. Spend smarter —  Optimize current toolsets/only evaluate tools that enable optimization, shed what isn’t needed, and free up budget to more deeply invest in what works, especially recruiting talented people!
  2. Reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) — Speed kills. The speed at which you can detect a possible breach, rule out false positives, evaluate the extent of exposure, and respond to a genuine incident can be the most important measurable(s) in containing the consequences. (Looking at you, SolarWinds…)
  3. Action the Data — You have the data, make it actionable. Beyond knowing where to search and how to search there, correlation is where things get hard. Unify disparate data points to paint a comprehensive picture of what you’re up against and document your approach to share what really works.

Costly data centralization can quickly devour a valuable security budget. When visibility becomes a financial burden, you have to prioritize what your team can see in a single pane, limiting their insight into important security data. The ability to detect and respond at speed becomes painfully constrained.

Effectiveness comes at the cost of efficiency or vice versa and the problem grows. Math out the exponential rate of growth in security data and add to that the shortage of skilled workers that know how to use it, and now this problem snowballs into a potentially massive business impact, somewhere to the tune of $4.35M or more. Yikes.

How Can Query Help?

Query is bringing expanded visibility and context back into line of sight for security teams. Through open federated search, organizations can both reduce data-driven costs and improve the efficiency of the operator’s playbooks by eliminating redundant steps. 

Reduce cost, decrease MTTD/MTTR, and automate the correlation of your data. Find out more.