Query Federated Search for Splunk

Supercharge Your Splunk

Unlock access to and value from cybersecurity data wherever it is stored, regardless of vendor or technology, without requiring centralization—directly from your Splunk® console.

Drive Efficiencies in Your Cybersecurity Investigations

Empower your people so they can make timely and accurate security investigations decisions with high confidence in the outcomes.

Query Federated Search for Splunk plugs into disparate security technologies quickly and easily using APIs and displays real–time and historical data in your Splunk console—all without transferring or duplicating data.

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Improve Your Team’s Performance

Instantly make your team more productive by automating previously manual and time-consuming investigation processes. Extend the functionality of your existing Splunk instance without ripping and replacing any of your existing technologies.

Getting Started Is Easy

Start today and unlock access to all your cybersecurity data sources—
whether in the cloud, third-party SaaS, or on-prem.
What are you waiting for?

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“Splunk” is a registered trademark of Splunk, Inc. Query Federated Search for Splunk is not associated with, or endorsed by, Splunk, Inc. or its affiliates.

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