Simplify the way
security data.

Query is a federated search solution that enables you to access and
get answers from your security data —
wherever it is stored.

expanded data analysis

Expand the reach
of your analysis

Query is the simplest way to get insights from your data. Put access to all your data in the hands of investigators, threat hunters and incident responders.

painless secdataops

without the pain

No pipelining, no ingestion, no centralizing. Connect your data sources using pre-built & tested API integrations and you’re ready to search.

choice and control

Take back
choice and control

Query is your answer to managing storage costs. Choosing what to centralize and what to leave in place means never having to compromise security value for cost.

How It Works

how query federated search platform works
how query federated search platform works
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Industry Feedback

Datos Insights believes that Query is a worthy security operations (SecOps) tool that unleashes the data insights promised by many security tools but never delivered.”

Datos Insights

Start typing to

Start with a question about an IP address, user, file, URL, domain or host and Query searches and returns answers from all of your connected, security-relevant data sources.

Query does the
heavy lifting

Query plans which connected data sources to search, joins and filters results into a normalized data model and delivers answers from security data across your enterprise.

Visualize relationships across data and
understand the story

Query’s graph visualization of results enables users to gather context, pivot based upon the details that matter and develop the confidence needed to decide & act.

query pillars