Federated Search
for Security Teams

query pillars

Get answers from your security data
without the need to centralize it.

Query is a cloud-native
federated search solution that
security teams to:

expanded data analysis

Search relevant security data
wherever it is stored.

Search decentralized data

Perform faster investigations, incident response,
and threat hunting.

choice and control

Reduce the cost of storing security data.

How It Works

cybersecurity data repository

Leave your data in your technologies

Cloud Services
SaaS Apps
On-prem Infrastructure

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federated search api integration

Query manages

API Integrations
Search Translations
Normalization of Results

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effective investigation team

Your team gets

More Visibility
Expanded Context
Fast Answers & Insights

Industry Feedback

Query is an enabler of the emerging DataSecOps trend that seeks to empower security operations with enterprise-wide data and collaboration. It accesses current and historical data to retrieve actionable data hiding in plain sight that could otherwise be used to uncover indicators of compromise and previously unseen threat patterns. SecOps personnel can be data-blind by not having access to critical data when investigating and responding to critical security issues.”

Datos Insights

query api integrations

Quick and Easy
API Integrations

with your Cloud, SaaS,
and On-Prem Technologies

We manage the APIs and put your security data to work. This list is constantly growing, so please email product(@)query.ai if you don’t see your tech listed.

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Insights From
Decentralized Data

centralized federated search


Search your data without moving it

Security data is everywhere. Centralizing everything takes prep work, time you don’t have, and a hefty budget. Some data is better left where it is and accessed in real-time when you need it.

Do you have data in multiple SIEMs, data lakes, cloud storage, SaaS apps, and On-prem apps?

Query gives you the power to search and get answers from your data, wherever it resides.

centralized federated search


You have questions,
we have answers

Get the answers you need in security investigations, threat hunting, and incident response. Gain context from more data sources; not just your SIEM or data lake.

Query delivers access to real-time and historical data sources to enable your team to quickly decide and act.

centralized federated search


Increase visibility,
not your SIEM bill

Technology environments are always changing & expanding.

Query gives you the flexibility to choose what to centralize and what to leave in place. You no longer need to compromise and always have access to the data you need.

centralized federated search


More insight,
less cruft

Security teams need context to understand data. Building workflows and playbooks takes time and can be brittle.

Need to know which users have authenticated from an IP address?
Which users or hosts have visited a domain?
Who has received email from a given sender?

Query can help.

query pillars