Security Investigations Solution

Accelerating Investigations With Expanding Data Visibility Using Query Federated Search

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Query Federated Search allows you to access and query your security data across various sources without needing to write complex queries or scripts.

With Query, you can significantly accelerate the investigation process, reduce the need for specialized query skills, and gain actionable insights from your security data. The platform’s user-friendly interface enables security professionals to focus on understanding and mitigating threats rather than struggling with complex queries.

Security Investigations Without Query

security investigation without query

Some of the key challenges of cybersecurity investigations include:

database storage

Data Volume and Analysis

Investigating cyber incidents involves analyzing large volumes of data, including logs, network traffic, and system artifacts. Effectively processing and correlating this data to identify the attack’s origin and impact is a significant challenge.

security investigation standardization

Lack of Standardization

There’s often a lack of standardization in terms of data formats, logging practices, and reporting methods across different systems and organizations. This can hinder the seamless exchange of information during investigations.

resource limitations

Resource Limitations

Organizations often have limited resources, both in terms of technology and personnel, to dedicate to cybersecurity investigations. This can impact the thoroughness and effectiveness of the investigation process.

security investigation standardization

Timely Data Access

Having access to the right data you need during an investigation is a difference maker. When an investigation reveals the need for more data to complete the puzzle, investigations can stall for days, weeks, or months; limiting visibility at a critical time.

Using Query for Security Investigations

security investigation with query

With Query you can search all of your data from a single search bar without having to understand search syntax and process from each data source. You’ll have results from any data source you integrate with Query, including data stored in your SIEMs, Data Lakes and Cloud Buckets [e.g., Amazon S3] applications and direct APIs across Asset Management, Identity, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), and other tools. This creates a much more agile and dynamic threat hunting environment because of your ability to quickly:

  • Get access to data as needed across all supported and onboarded sources instead of having to switch between multiple systems.
  • Search and normalize all of your data for threats — even overlapping data such as Defender, Carbon Black &, Crowdstrike (e.g., disparate data sources in the same capability set)
  • Add and remove data sources in minutes to augment your search with additional systems, both security and non-security-related, as needed.

Using Query, security investigations are completed much faster and more thoroughly. Setup and search your data in minutes without having to move/transfer any data.

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